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Bloodstock Insurance – Thoroughbred & Standardbred Horses

E-Quine Insurance Services Pty Ltd can source quotes and arrange insurance cover for all owners of thoroughbreds and standardbreds.

Standard Bloodstock Mortality Insurance covers:

  • Death as a result of accident or injury
  • Death due to illness or disease
  • Euthanasia on humane grounds as certified by a qualified veterinary practitioner on
  • grounds of incurable or excessive pain & suffering
  • Loss from theft, unlawful removal or straying
  • Malicious or willful castration by those responsible for the theft or unlawful removal.

The standard bloodstock mortality insurance policy is usually for 12 months, including a 30 or 90 days extension clause, transits within and between Australia and New Zealand, theft & unlawful removal and applies to:

  • Racehorses – flatracers , hurdlers, steeplechasers & harness racers
  • Stallions
  • Broodmares
  • Yearlings
  • Foals from 24 hours after birth, or any time thereafter
  • Older or overage horses up to 15 years

Extensions available to bloodstock mortality insurance policy include:

  • 12 months extension clause
  • Arrangements for automatic additions and immediately from “fall of hammer” for purchases
  • at public auction
  • Agreed value vs. market value
  • International transits from any country to or from Australia or New Zealand
  • Permanent & total infertility due to accidents, sickness or disease (stallions & colts, including fractional interests/shares therein)
  • Stallion first season congenital infertility
  • Stallion loss of income
  • Stallion availability
  • Frustration of import/export
  • Loss of use/permanent incapacity (athletic function) - not readily available
  • The Surgical Clause extension - this is where the Mortality Policy is extended to cover surgical procedures performed to save the life of an insured animal. This extension provides cover for the charges levied by a licensed veterinarian necessitated to save the life of the insured animal.

The Extended Foal policy is very popular with vendors of yearlings. Cover incepts as a foal, any time after 24 hours of age, and runs continuously until sold at a recognised yearling auction sale. Within that period, the sum insured can be increased in line with market value, with an appropriate adjustment to the premium.

Short period & stand alone transits, single or return, local & international, are available and cover:

  • Racehorses – flatracers , hurdlers, steeplechasers & harness racerers
  • Stallions
  • Broodmares
  • Yearlings
  • Foals from 24 hours after birth, or any time thereafter

Example : transit plus 30 days, farm to “fall of hammer” at auction sale plus return to farm if unsold, expiring 7 days after arrival.

Other coverage such as care, custody and control liability, stud farm property insurance/liability etc is available for quotation on an individual basis.

Care, custody and control provides legal liability coverage to pay the owner of a horse that is injured or dies while in the care, custody or control of the insured due to a failure to take reasonable care of the horse. Any person responsible for a horse belonging to a third party, or anyone who keeps, agists, spells, trains, breeds or rears a horse for someone else, must consider this legal liability cover. Not only does it cover you for damages, but also legal fees that you may incur in defending the matter. The premium, usually for an annual policy, is based on the number of horses in the care of the custodian and previous claims history.

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