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About Us

Let E-Quine do the RUNNING to INSURE you(‘re) the WINNER.

We are experts & specialise in bloodstock and livestock insurance. We offer a professional & free independent bloodstock & livestock broking service.About E-Quine Insurance Services

The formation of E-Quine Insurance Services Pty Ltd (E-Quine)

  • E-Quine Insurance Services Pty Ltd was formed in 2007 by Wayne Aldridge;
  • E-Quine is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Why was E-Quine formed?

  • Wayne Aldridge identified the need to source and offer insurance customers a wider choice and superior products when it came to insuring bloodstock and livestock;
  • In response to increasing demands of insureds and gaps in the market; “crying out” for a conventional and specialised broker service, an intermediary without ties to a specific insurer and very often one solitary insurance product.

Who inspired the formation of E-Quine?

  • Initially it was prompted by enquiries and needs of people seeking to insure horses, cattle and alpacas;
  • Subsequently it was reading John Symond’s biography “Aussie John” (published by Penguin Books) that inspired the model upon which E-Quine is based.

In what fields of insurance are E-Quine specialists and experts?

  • Bloodstock (racing, breeding and rearing thoroughbreds, standard breds, equestrian/recreation/pleasure)
  • Livestock (alpacas and llamas, stud cattle and stud sheep).

What services does E-Quine offer?

  • Acts as an intermediary where customers can request a variety of insurance quotes and products for their bloodstock and livestock;
  • Obtains a wide range of insurance quotes for customers, from which to select the best cover and premium;
  • Obtains premium funding quotes for customers;
  • Arranges insurance cover and premium funding;
  • Interpretation of terms and conditions of insurance policies and translation into easy to understand language;
  • Advice on matters relative to the bloodstock industry, including agency, insurance and tax;
  • A regular on-line newsletter and news update service available to registered subscribers;
  • A regularly updated, informative and educational website.

Who would use the services of E-Quine?

  • For insurance services, typically owners of horses, cattle and alpacas or brokers or representatives acting on behalf of owners;
  • For premium funding, anyone who has to pay an eligible insurance premium and who would like to spread payment across monthly instalments. Premium funding extends to most types of insurance policies and is not confined to bloodstock and livestock.

What is premium funding?

  • Payment of premiums in monthly instalments designed to take the “sting” out of lump sum payments

Benefits of premium funding?

  • Improves your cash flow and frees up working capital;
  • Tax deductible;
  • Multiple, flexible payment options available ;
  • Supported by Australia’s leading premium funders.

What do E-Quine’s services cost you?

  • Our services cost you absolutely nothing – they are provided free of charge.

Why would you use E-Quine?

  • E-Quine makes insuring bloodstock and livestock easy and gives you the tools to make an informed choice, potentially saving you money and obtaining the right cover;
  • It is hassle free “shopping” around for the deal or policy that suits you best. It definitely saves you time and money by not having to contact many different underwriting agents for a quote ;
  • E-Quine’s service model is based on a fully interactive, user friendly and secure web based and internet driven system. It allows you to enter your personal and risk details in “made easy” mode and to submit your request for a quote by simply pressing a button;
  • For those not familiar with computers or the internet, we offer an alternative delivery method, using fax, mail or telephone.

What makes E-Quine different from other insurance brokers?

  • E-Quine is modeled on a conventional broker and not an underwriting agent, which describes virtually all other intermediaries in the bloodstock and livestock insurance industries;
  • Conventional brokers have all but vanished from the world of bloodstock insurance;
  • When insurance brokers accept insurance risks in terms of a binding contract given to them by an insurer, they are known as underwriting agents of the insurer, because they have the authority to commit or bind the insurer, for whom they act;
  • Underwriting agents administer and are responsible for the performance of the binding contract;
  • E-Quine is not in competition with or opposition to underwriting agents and their insurers;
  • E-Quine accesses its selected network of underwriting agents in negotiating quotes and acting in the best interests of customers. It is an important producer of new and renewal business for insurers and their agents.

What is the difference between a broker and an underwriting agent?

  • A conventional broker is not contracted, aligned or obligated to any insurer. In essence, a broker is independent and acts for clients and sources insurance policies that offer the best terms and price in accordance with the clients’ needs;
  • An underwriting agent is contracted to an insurer, and is therefore obligated to offer and promote the supporting insurer’s policy. Therefore when a customer requests a quote, in most instances the underwriting agent provides a solitary quote;
  • Underwriting agents do not arrange alternative quotes from fellow agents because they and their insurers are in direct competition with one another.

If E-Quine is not tied to any insurer, how does it obtain quotes?

  • E-Quine sources quotes from its established network of selected underwriting agents, who collectively hold contracts with all the major bloodstock insurers, most of whom underwrite bloodstock from offices based in London.

Does E-Quine hold an Australian Financial Services licence?

  • Yes, AFS licence no. 315794 issued by ASIC.

What other professional qualifications and affiliations apply to E-Quine?

  • E-Quine is a principal member of the National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia (NIBA).

Our People

  • Wayne Aldridge is Managing Director and a shareholder;
  • Wayne Aldridge is a member of NIBA, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking);
  • Wayne has been actively involved in the bloodstock industry for over 3 decades, as owner, breeder, bloodstock agent, insurance agent, administrator and Race Club Director;
  • Wayne’s expertise is bloodstock insurance and his experiences make him suitably qualified to understand the needs of those seeking insurance.

Our Policy

  • At E-Quine, while insurance is the core of our business, you, the customer, are central to it;
  • Customer satisfaction is paramount to us – we strive to give a professional service and are committed to the ultimate customer service experience;
  • We focus on customers. Insurer’s focus on the risk;
  • We encourage you to insure your valuable bloodstock investments – if it’s worth owning and feeding, it’s worth insuring;
  • No enquiry is too large, too small or too onerous;
  • · Price is no longer the overriding factor when selecting an insurance product. Value of service and product relevance have become essential considerations;
  • Value consists of service, response, variety, knowledge, quality, guarantee, price, security and trust.

Diagramatic Illustration of our Structure and Relationships.

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