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Terms and Conditions for Quotes

Terms & Conditions - Quotation request

The following terms and conditions will apply to the sourcing of insurance and premium funding quotes by E-Quine Insurance Services Pty Ltd (E-Quine) on behalf of applicants, clients and prospective clients:

· A third party agent representing the applicant warrants that he/she/it/they has/have due authority to act or contract on the applicants behalf;

· A third party agent and client warrants that no interested party in the risk for which a quote is requested has any objection to details being supplied to E-Quine, or to E-Quine sourcing quotes from its network of providers, at E-Quine’s discretion;

· E-Quine does not warrant that any or all underwriting agents, intermediaries, brokers and/or insurers from whom it requests a quote will in fact present a quote;

· E-Quine is not obliged to disclose reasons why an underwriting agency, intermediary, broker and/or insurer declined to quote;

· An underwriting agency, intermediary, broker and/or insurer warrants that third party personal information shall be used solely for the purposes of assessing the risk and presenting a quote;

· E-Quine is not liable or responsible for errors, omissions or actions on the part of the applicant and any third parties in the course of sourcing quotes or arranging cover;

· E-Quine accepts no responsibility or liability for inaccuracies on the part of an underwriting agency, intermediary, broker and/or insurer in compiling a quotation or for any inadequacy of cover;

· The applicant, client or prospective client is solely responsible for accepting any insurance quote;

· Any summary of covers is not to be interpreted as definitive cover. Final cover should be confirmed and agreed by the placing broker or underwriting agency with reference to the policy wording that forms an integral part of the contract of insurance;

· Specimen or sample forms and documents that appear on or are accessible via E-Quine’s website do not automatically form part of every contract of insurance. Different insurers offer varied terms and conditions and may have different security ratings;

· Upon acceptance of a quote, the contract of insurance is between the insurer (including represented by an underwriting agent) and the insured, or between the premium funder and the applicant and must be ratified by these parties;

· Final confirmation of cover is issued by the insurer or its appointed underwriting agent, duly authorised;

· The insured warrants that at all times he/she/it/they is/are able to justify the sum insured, which should be reviewed regularly throughout the period of insurance;

· E-Quine accepts no responsibility or liability for any actions of an insurer or underwriting agency in the event of failure by an insurer to settle a claim or to settle for full value;

· For insurance quotes that are converted into policies, E-Quine is remunerated by the placing broker/underwriting agent based on a percentage of the commission that they receive from an insurer, as is customary practice in the insurance industry;

· For premium funding quotes that are converted into finance contracts, E-Quine is remunerated by the premium funder on a commission basis as is customary with premium funding referrals.

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