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Exclusions i.e. what is not covered by the standard bloodstock mortality insurance policy

Temporary or permanent loss of use or incapacity. Examples : Loss of athletic function or a career ending injury generally does not give rise to a claim under a mortality policy. Sales suitability is not guaranteed for a newborn foal or yearling. A racefilly or racemare is not guaranteed to conceive or hold a pregnancy unless barrenness or prospective/unborn foal cover is additionally in place.

Damage to third party property or public liability.

Death caused directly or indirectly by surgical operation or procedure UNLESS conducted by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.

Death caused directly or indirectly by the administration of any medication UNLESS by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon and certified to have been of prophylatic nature or necessitated by accident, disease or illness.

Death caused by malicious or wilful injury for which the insured, servants or agents of the insured are responsible.

Failure to comply with statutory requirements, including completion of a proposal form acceptable to the insurer and breaches of duty of disclosure.

Pre-existing conditions. Unless disclosed to and specifically accepted by the insurer. Normally, if cover of an animal is accepted, an exclusion is imposed for pre-existing illness, injury or other conditions. Insurers review exclusions from time to time and may even uplift them during the period of the policy.

Failure of animal to remain within the geographical limits stated in the policy. Priorto departure to another country,contact the placing agent/broker to arrange an extension of cover and to changethe geographical limits.

Failure to comply with policy or insurer stipulated conditions. Examples : When the premium has not been paid. When a current veterinary certificate or declaration of health has not been arranged and presented to the insurer for acceptance.

Specific exclusions imposed by the insurer. For example:

  • Confiscation, war & strikes
  • Radioactive contamination
  • Coverage after the animal has been sold or given away
  • Use of the animal for a purpose other than that stated in the policy
  • Terrorism
  • Avian influenza
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